Barnardos case study

Barnardo’s improving ROI and processes with EPoS

2 mins read National charity Barnardo’s work to transform the lives of the UK’s most vulnerable children, helping thousands of families each year build a better future. With over 700 shops across the UK, its retail operation generated £15m profit in 2018, 25% up on previous years.


Flagship stores: Lush smells success

3 mins read One retailer who has taken this on board is Lush. With its new store opening right on our doorstep in Liverpool, it would have been rude not to take a peek.


Pop-up shops: short-term space for long-term gain

3 mins read Possibly the most versatile form of retail, pop-up stores are on trend. Retailers have gone from taking up space in quirky empty units or a small counter within a shopping mall, to festivals and events, in order to improve engagement with consumers.


Ultimate guide to ecommerce success

3 mins read 6 benefits that ecommerce and POS integration brings for the ultimate omnichannel experience


Magento Brochure

3 mins read Download this free brochure and discover how a Magento 2 website integrated into RetailStore, a powerful point of sale software, can accelerate your sales and improve customer experience.

Retail jargon explained

Retail Jargon explained

Trying to make sense of the jargon in today’s retail sector can be tough, with new words seeming to pop up all the time, mostly due to rapidly developing retail technology. We’ve put together a handy list so you’re clued up on all the latest retail terms. Maybe grab a...
Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update

3 mins read Following last week’s update, we wish to explain how the worsening national situation is likely to impact you as a customer and in particular in the eventuality that the Government moves the country to the “lockdown” stage of its management plan.

Top 5 wants of the wine shopper

Top 5 wants of the wine shopper

3 mins read Cybertill recently conducted a survey with 1,088 US adults aged 21+ on their purchasing experiences and preferences of alcohol stores, and the results of which were quite interesting. As a result we have been able to identify the top 5 wants of the wine shopper that independent wine stores can adopt to encourag

NRF 2020: The Directors’ Cut

NRF 2020: The Directors’ Cut

3 mins read All retail eyes were on New York last week as the annual National Retail Federation (NRF) held their annual exhibition which our Directors were lucky enough to attend this year thanks to one of Cybertill’s partners, PartnerTech (excuse the pun!) who had a very impressive stand at the show, but more on that la


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