In 2020 Google reported an 8,000% increase in shoppers searching for “who has ____ in stock” as shoppers went online to find where they could find products locally. That’s why we’ve teamed up with Local Inventory specialists NearSt to help turn those online shoppers into in-store customers for Cybertill shops.

NearSt’s tech brings online shoppers in-store

NearSt is a retail tech company getting people back into physical shops. Their tech allows people searching for products online to see where they are stocked in nearby shops – making it more convenient to shop on your local high street as it is on Amazon. Trusted by thousands of retailers they are partnered with Google and Facebook and are the only company trusted globally to get in-store inventory directly into search results.

Easy setup between Cybertill and NearSt

Cybertill has partnered with NearSt so you can automatically get your products into Google to drive more footfall, all in just a few clicks. You’ll then start to benefit from a whole raft of NearSt benefits without any additional effort, as everything happens automatically:

Attract new customers

NearSt shows your products in Google to shoppers searching for them nearby, and gives them clear and simple actions to send them to your store. The integration with Cybertill will automatically show your in-store products in places like your Google MyBusiness Page, in Google Shopping, and in Google Maps.

NearSt also offers a pay-as-you go add-on called Google Local Inventory Ads that lets you promote your products to the top of search results exclusively for customers near your store, from just a few pounds per day.

Best of all, everything works using the barcodes, stock levels, and pricing already stored in your Cybertill system. NearSt uses the data to automatically create high quality product listings, so you don’t need to spend dozens of hours manually entering product details.

Better serve your existing customers

NearSt also helps your current customers choose to shop with you more often, by making it effortless for them to see what you currently have in-stock.

Your current live in-store availability appears in your Google Business Listing, helping the 46% of shoppers who check product availability before deciding to visit a store choose to visit your store.

Whether you already have a full omnichannel website or no website at all, NearSt automatically gives your customers a simple way to quickly check if you have what they’re looking for in Google before visiting your store.

See what nearby shoppers want

By connecting Cybertill with NearSt, you also gain an insight into what local shoppers are most interested in. Discover the terms they’re searching for, the products you stock that are gaining most attention, as well as what’s most popular in your type of shop at the minute.

Stay in control of your data

NearSt acts as a guardian of your inventory, and operates a public data ethics policy that ensures you always remain in control of your data. Rather than giving companies like Google and Facebook direct access to your stock data, NearSt acts as a buffer to keep you in control and only sends essential information  to keep your data secure.

Getting started is simple

Thanks to our partnership Cybertill customers can get access to NearSt seamlessly. Simply visit and leave your details or contact your key account manager for more information. Cybertill will make the connection from Wednesday 12th May onwards.

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