Top 5 wants of the wine shopper

Top 5 wants of the wine shopper

Cybertill recently conducted a survey with 1,088 US adults aged 21+ on their purchasing experiences and preferences of alcohol stores, and the results of which were quite interesting. As a result we have been able to identify the top 5 wants of the wine shopper that independent wine stores can adopt to encourage footfall into store.

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Social Media…the Emperor’s new clothes?

Has your company got a Twitter account, a Facebook or LinkedIn or Google Plus page…the list could go on. Most businesses have these now, whether they use them and post to them is a different matter. If your business has not got a social media presence then do... Read more

Cybertill offering FREE SEO advice at Spring Fair 2013

At Spring Fair 2013 Cybertill will be offering free advice to retailers on how they can improve the ranking of their website on Google. The power of Google and the influence it has on websites is vast, so appearing on its first page, and the higher the better, can... Read more

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