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Increase charitable donations at the till

Imagine if you could increase your charity donations in-store without the hassle of filling in time-consuming forms on the shop floor. Well, Cybertill’s Round Up feature enables charity retailers to offer customers the chance to round up their basket value as a charitable donation at the till point.

Small change can make a big difference


Fully customisable parameters

Give your customers the chance to round-up to the nearest pound, £5, £10 or more. There is also an open option so customers can choose any amount they want.

No forms

Gaining donations is easy to do, it’s just a simple tap of a button before checkout and there are no forms involved.

Cash or card donations

Customers can round up their basket value if they are paying by cash or card, maximising the opportunity for donations.

Detailed reporting

Run reports on Round Up donations received, and monitor how much you are raising for your charity.

Round Up donations by store

View Round Up donations by store so you can identify where your Round Up feature is performing best and the areas where you need to enhance marketing activity to improve donations.

Increase loyalty & footfall

Offering Round Up in-store can encourage loyalty and footfall, as customers know that money donations can be made as part of a transaction.

“For us, CharityStore is a business-critical tool. It’s transformed the influence of the technology on retail operations and on business growth.”

Lois Peart, Retail Support Manager, St Elizabeth Hospice

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