Supporter management & loyalty

Managing supporter loyalty is vital to charities keeping donors and customers returning to your shops. This is why Cybertill have designed supporter cards to be multi-functional, using them for Gift Aid, loyalty, gift cards and even lottery cards within the CharityStore platform.

Managing supporter loyalty

Making the process of taking donations of gift aided goods even easier, supporter cards can be issued at the till, with the donor completing the Gift Aid declaration form only once, then each time the card is presented the only thing staff and volunteers need to do is scan it!


Cybertill’s CRM module is directly integrated into the EPoS, providing real-time access to customer profiles.

Donor cards

Multi-functional cards that can be used as a loyalty, Gift Aid or gift card for your loyal supporter and donor base.

GDPR compliant

Keep all your loyalty customer data GDPR compliant within the CRM module. Cybertill work to ISO 27001 framework.

Loyalty programs for charity retailers

Most high street loyalty programmes don’t do much to inspire loyalty from customers. They make customers jump through hoops, they aren’t fun, and they don’t always deliver measurable results, however, encouraging your supporters and donors to sign-up to a loyalty program with your charity is extremely effective in convincing them to keep coming back, especially if your loyalty scheme offers a real advantage.

Charity loyalty programs are different to that of high street retailers in that they are encouraging people to shop and donate to a good cause. Offering a supporter points, discount or reward each time they make a purchase has proven to help increase basket size, repeat shopper frequency and make more money towards your good cause.

Cybertill’s CharityStore platform makes creating an effective loyalty programme a breeze. Connected to the CRM module, and fully configurable, Cybertill’s Loyalty module can help you really make sense of your customer data and optimise your programme to deliver real value to your customers. The type of scheme you create is entirely up to you.

Why do charities need loyalty?

Loyalty is something that charities can really tap into and keep donors giving and supporters loving you…


Multi-function cards

Create multi-functional cards for all supporter activity, including donations, purchases, Gift Aid, lottery, loyalty and more.


Reduces paperwork

Reduces all that extra admin and paperwork that goes into supporter management as details are kept on the system.


Feel the love

Lets you develop and maintain closer relationships with supporters and donors, making them feel loved and motivated to support your charity.


Multi-channel loyalty

Works across all channels, whether online or in-store, so supporters are not restricted to donating and shopping in one location.


Go mobile

Cybertill lets you add donors and supporters to your CRM via a tablet or mPOS solution, meaning you can still issue loyalty cards offsite.


No more duplicates

As you will only have one supporter database across the whole charity, duplicate records can be completely eradicated.


Make it look nice

We offer our design service to those who need that creative input in to designing custom loyalty card designs.


Set the rules

Fully customisable rules around rewards – points, discounts, credit.


Product management

Exclude certain products from earning supporter loyalty points so you don’t miss out on all your donations.

Find out more on: CRM, donor cards and loyalty schemes.

“We know that smartphones, e-commerce and changes in digital marketing are all making things tougher in the industry as a whole and it doesn’t matter if you’re a huge multi-national fashion brand or a charity retailer like us, we all have to stop and take note of what is happening.”

Carol Tennet, Head of Retail, Headway

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