In today’s complex retail environment, you need a retail warehousing system that is integrated with all of your other retail, EPoS and ecommerce systems, and one that can be customised to meet your specific needs. Automated warehousing is essential to maintaining a profitable retail operation. Cybertill’s RetailStore platform has enterprise add ons for merchandising and warehousing to help manage even the most complex supply chain.

RetailStore’s one platform, cloud approach to merchandising and warehouse management helps omnichannel retailers cost efficiently get goods to the right location, at the right time and to sell more at full price. Cybertill has worked with multi-store retailers globally to optimise supply chain and run a lean retail operation.

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Benefits of Cybertill’s RetailStore Warehousing software


Link your warehouse and merchandising to have one view of all stock in store, in your warehouse and on purchase order.


RetailStore is cloud based so all information you access is in real-time, meaning if someone orders an item from your website at 10 pm you won’t need to wait for an overnight poll – it is instantly allocated from your warehouse stock.


Manage orders online or in-store and link up in real-time with your ecommerce solution.

Cloud-based integrated retail warehousing software

Automated warehousing is essential to maintaining a profitable retail operation, and getting the right product to the right place at the right time; with Cybertill’s RetailStore software, you can do all this and more.

When setting up the warehouse module, retailers can allocate zones, aisles, sections, levels and bins. Each bin is allocated a type, its dimensions and weight capacity, as well as many other variables, helping you to structure your warehousing as efficiently as possible.

Cybertill’s RetailStore Warehousing features at-a-glance


Optimise Inventory

Tracking, bin locations, picking stock, dispatch planning and vehicle capacity.


Container Management

Save container preferences by supplier, and record volume and weight of products for automatic container management.


Stock Take

Stock take quickly in the warehouse or in-store with handheld devices.


Structured Warehouse

Structure your warehouse efficiently to get the most out of your processes.


Quality Assurance (QA)

Automate quality assurance and set QA processes by product, perfect for factory warehouses.



Stores and ecommerce can see the stock available in the warehouse, all in real time.


Improve Picking

Improve stock picking, particularly during busy trading periods.



Integrated merchandising capabilities to optimise based on demand.


Supply Chain

See what you’ve got on purchase order and what’s coming in when so you can make the space you need.

“Thanks to Cybertill when I’m out of the office or shop I know what’s happening, literally, minute by minute. I like the idea of having all of my supplier details on the system so that also means they’re on my phone too, so I get all the information I want whenever I want. It’s like carrying your office around in your back pocket.”

Claire Jarvis, Co-owner, The Tutbury Present Company

Warehousing is an Enterprise add-on to the RetailStore platform. See for yourself, schedule a demo.

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