Real-time, centralised promotions

Making your promotions ultra targeted can be challenging if you don’t use a real-time omnichannel platform to manage them. Cybertill’s RetailStore platform has a built in promotional management suite that gives you a flexible and comprehensive set of discounting, bundling and incentive tools that can be used across any of your sales channels online and in-store, to drive sales and increase footfall to your shops.

  • A comprehensive suite of in-built promotions
  • Roll out promotions across local areas or entire estates in seconds
  • Customisable rules for products, locations, stores, and more
Promotional management for retailers

Agile promotions and pricing engine

Cybertill’s RetailStore platform comes with a suite of promotions out-of-the-box. Promotions can be hyper targeted and rolled out in seconds. Promotions can be set up and re-run as templates, making it really easy to make last minute changes to your pricing or promotions strategy based on events such as weather or sporting outcomes.

Centralised omnichannel promotions

Cybertill’s RetailStore platform provides a robust promotions engine out-of-the-box which can handle a majority of promotion combinations a retailer may need. In addition, promotions can be customised on many levels, making the system flexible for growing retailers.


Promotion options

% or £ discount, BOGOF, any # for £X, buy A get B half price, spend over £X and get Y% off selected items, ‘ladder’ deals, and ‘kit’ discounts for grouped products.



Promotions can be set to only work within a specified date range and work across the entire business, or only apply to select shops or online.


Customer segmentation

Promotions can be set to apply in store, or on a website, or both, to particular customer types (such as Retail, Staff and Trade) or be to configurable for more than one.


Easy to use

Set a promotion up, use it and then simply change the date range to run it again with no need to repeat the task.


Quick rollout presets

Preset promotions to run on specific occasions, such as a rainy day.


Item-level drill down

Promotions can apply to a specific item, a list of handpicked items, or entire categories. 

“We have recently transitioned to Cybertill’s CharityStore EPOS system for our charity shops located across the country and we couldn’t be happier with the transition. The system is user-friendly and easy to navigate, with all the required features to manage inventory, sales, and all other aspects of running a successful retail operation. 
I would highly recommend Cybertill’s CharityStore EPOS to any charity looking to enhance their retail operations.”

The Shaw Trust

Promotion management is included in the RetailStore retail management platform. See for yourself, schedule a demo.

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