Cybertill’s RetailStore Workshop EPoS module gives you everything you need to truly enhance your customer service experience, online or in-store, whilst also enabling you to manage your repair or alteration processes more efficiently, and give your customers a professional experience.

If your business offers repair, bespoke orders, or alteration services, such as Jewellers, Cycle, or other specialist retailers, you need a centralised place to manage the services your customers value so much. All customer information, job status, notes, photos, are coordinated in one place and instantly available from any device that has a web browser.


Workshop management software for retailers

Developed in partnership with leading multi-store retailers including F.Hinds, Great British Cycling, and The Watch Lab, Cybertill’s RetailStore platform Workshop EPoS module can manage your workshop and repair process from booking in, taking photos of items, allocating staff time, logging and charging for parts used as well as notifying the customer when the item is ready to collect.

Fully-integrated, real-time Workshop EPoS module



Include photos

Save photos directly to the CRM from the office or the EPoS, giving you complete damage protection.



Manage scheduling and job tracking with full customer histories and allocate jobs to a specific technician.


Book in anywhere

Book in workshop work from the back office or the point of sale.



The workshop module is flexible and can be re-purposed for many uses, such as building bespoke orders or quoting.


Save quotes in CRM

Save job estimates within the CRM for purchase at a later date.


Stock control

Record labour, parts used costs. Allocate parts needed for the job from stock or order from suppliers.



Automatically notify customers when jobs are ready for collection.


Deposits and payments

Manage part payments and deposits and save to the customer account.


QA and Reporting

Implement and manage Quality Assurance workflows and produce workshop reports from the EPoS or back office.

“I wanted a bullet proof system. It is now more than just stock control. It is about being able to use it no matter where you are. RetailStore gives us all this and much more, whether it’s the mobility, the workshop module, forecasting and so on.”

Dave Parsons, Purchasing and Equipment Manager, Great British Cycling

The Workshop EPoS module is featured in the RetailStore retail management platform. See for yourself, book a demo.

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