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Analytics are crucial to all charity retailers no matter the size. You need to be able to review the reports you need to let you know who is selling what, where and when, along with how many items are being donated and in which locations. The bigger your retail operation grows, the tighter your infrastructure must become – but making sure your company has a single, unified version of data is often too complex or impossible with legacy systems not fit for purpose.

Benefits of charity retailers using analytics

Cybertill’s CharityStore software is different, it gives you live, accurate, multi-way data accessible from any location and is securely housed in the cloud.

Real-time reporting

All reporting is done in real-time, so charities can see a live snapshot of what is happening across the whole retail estate.

Business intelligence

Access to Cybertill’s BI team lets you create customisable reports, helping you make more informed business decisions.

Access anywhere

As CharityStore is cloud based you can access your analytics anywhere, at any time, keeping your finger on the pulse.

Accessing retail analytics from your EPoS

CharityStore has many reporting tools available that lets charity retailers analyse all aspects of their operation. Reports are easily broken down so they can focus on a single store, selective or regional shops, or universally across the entire estate. As a customer for over 10 years, British Red Cross have used reporting tools to help them make more informed decisions and were able to get rid of most of the paperwork at shop level.  All the basic information they need is now available within their EPoS system and it provides reports to drive the business forward.

Feature highlights of Cybertill Analytics


Cloud EPoS

Analytics are hosted securely within your EPoS system on the cloud.


Centralised data

All business data is centralised, letting staff and volunteers (if required) access across multiple offices, stores and locations.


Access from any device

Gain easy cloud access to analytics via your till, desktop computer and mobile devices.


360-degree view

Have a 360-degree view of company activity for quicker, more effective decision making.



Benefit from real-time reporting along with dynamic access to an ODBC server, to analyse data your way.


Ready-made reporting

Access ready-made reporting templates for stock control, purchase order processing, sales analysis, product management, conversion rates, sales audits and more.

“We know that smartphones, e-commerce and changes in digital marketing are all making things tougher in the industry as a whole and it doesn’t matter if you’re a huge multi-national fashion brand or a charity retailer like us, we all have to stop and take note of what is happening.”

Carol Tennet, Head of Retail, Headway

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