Charities are now creating their own loyalty programmes to help combat competition from high street retailers and keep supporters coming back to them. If managed effectively, loyalty schemes can help charity retailers increase basket size, repeat shopper frequency and of course make more money and get more Gift Aid.

With Cybertill, loyalty can be configured as a straightforward points scheme, discount or reward-based programme, letting you issue cards and fobs to your supporters.

Charity retail loyalty programmes 

Loyalty programmes are a great way for charities to keep their supporters coming back and spending money, amongst many more benefits, including:



Supporters can use the loyalty programme across all channels when spending money with your charity, making them more inclined to sign-up and spend.


GDPR compliant

Keep all loyalty supporter data in the one database, securely, adhering to GDPR rules and guidelines.


You're in control

Create a point based, discount or reward based programme – it’s up to you.



Supporter-specific loyalty data is available in real-time across all stores and your ecommerce site.


Customise your design

You can create custom loyalty card designs through Cybertill’s design service available to all customers.


Discounts and payments

Offer discounts and/or point accumulation on loyalty cards, accept loyalty credit as full payment or part payment.


CRM integration

The CharityStore software lets you integrate your loyalty scheme into your own CRM if necessary.


Customise the rules

You can set your own customisation rules around rewards for loyal supporters. 


Set alerts

In-store staff and volunteers can set notifications to alert customers to credit available on a loyalty account.

69% of consumers want discounts, 67% want points, and 62% want direct cashback when it comes to loyalty scheme rewards.

Cybertill’s Consumer Research with YouGov 2018

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