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Retailing is no longer just about the shop on the high street. There are so many channels now where charity retailers can extend their offering and reach customers wherever they are with multiple marketplace selling platforms, which is great for business. However, the only downside to selling across so many different channels, is not having one central place to analyse how all your channels are performing.

Marketplaces from Cybertill

Our brand new module, Marketplaces, gives charity retailers total visibility of all sales data across your multiple selling channels. Get one view of your Marketplace platforms, such as eBay and Amazon so that you can make data driven business decisions and be proactive in identifying what is selling, and where you may need to improve.

Marketplace Products

Supports donor statementing

If you provide donor information against sale transaction data. Cybertill will automatically record that sale against the respective donor to ensure the data is up to date and accurate, supporting donor statementing.

Supports Gift Aid claims

The system will calculate the Gift Aid value that can be claimed based on sales information, providing an additional revenue stream which may not have been previously fostered. Which of course is all HRMC compliant!

Audit accuracy

You can be confident that the Gift Aid HMRC submission is accurate, reducing time and stress.

Standard data format

The standard data format provides consistency so that you do not have to worry about file formats changing.

Accurate sales data information

The automated interface will replace any pre-existing manual task of inputting Marketplace sales data in to your system. Providing you with the confidence that any subsequent Gift Aid claim to HMRC is accurate.

Evaluate product performance

Access to Marketplace sales transaction data via reporting allows earlier item performance evaluation and supports proactive Marketplace product management.

Meet the customer needs

You no longer need to undertake manual data input tasks freeing up time to concentrate on more important customer-focused tasks.

Happier employees

A happy team is the dream! The automated import means laborious and mundane sales data entry task is no longer needed delivering happier employees.

Proactive product management

Complete view of what is selling well or not and be proactive in managing Marketplace listings, leading to better stock management, increased revenue, but most importantly better meet the needs and desires of the Marketplace customer.

The Techy Bit:

Marketplaces from Cybertill will allow you to auto import Marketplace sales transaction data into your CharityStore platform using standard data format in one of two ways. Either via RESTFUL API (currently unavailable), or via CSV flat file via SFTP server using a CTX front end scheduler to manage import jobs.

After entering your details one of our retail consultants will be in touch to talk through your requirements and book a demonstration. Read our privacy policy to see how we process the data you provide.


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