Capturing Gift Aid on donations can be a cumbersome process; the donor hands you a bag but doesn’t have time to stand there giving you their details, so you miss out on that extra 25% tax relief – bummer! Or maybe the donor has provided their details to you on numerous occasions and is wary of what you do with that sheet of paper that has their address written on; especially as people are more conscious of how their data is processed as a result of GDPR.

This is why Cybertill developed donor cards, making the process of taking donations of gift aided goods even easier, quicker and more importantly, safer. Just scan the card and the items are linked to that donor, so when the goods are sold the charity can claim the Gift Aid.

How can donor cards benefit charities?

In a nutshell, donor cards help generate more funds for your charity. However, there are many more benefits that they bring:


GDPR compliant

All donors need to sign a declaration agreeing to Gift Aid before being set up on the system, ensuring all data captured is compliant.


Gets rid of paperwork

Each time the donor donates an item to the charity, the card is scanned, meaning you don’t need to write down all their details on a piece of paper.


Avoids duplicates

As the card is scanned, all the details that identified with the donor will be correct, removing mistakes and duplicate data on the system.


Postcode verification

You can record or access customer data in-store with easy postcode lookup and verification.


Get more Gift Aid

Donors are more likely to have their donor card scanned than write down their details again and again. With a simple scan, you’ll be guaranteed to get your Gift Aid.


No card, no problem

If the donor forgets their card don’t worry, just ask them for their postcode and you can still capture Gift Aid. 


It's quick

Even busy people can donate quickly, by having their card scanned as they drop off their donations. Again, letting you capture that all important Gift Aid.


One database

There is one database of your donors across the whole charity, ensuring your data is all held securely, in one location, keeping your data clean.


Cloud based

With the system being cloud based, you can hand out your cards anywhere by inputting donor details via a tablet and allocating the donor ID there and then, reaching more potential Gift Aid donors.

“Not only has our donor Gift Aid card helped us to reclaim tax, it has also encouraged people to donate more goods, more frequently and helped build customer loyalty. We didn’t know just how beneficial it would be.”

Carol Tennet, Head of Retail, Headway UK

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