Help raise money for your chosen charity partners

The modern consumer’s buying habits are driven by retailers with a purpose beyond profit.

Cybertill’s Round up feature gives retailers the opportunity to raise money for their chosen charity partners. By simply switching on the feature within the RetailStore platform you can offer customers the chance to round up their transactions at the point of sale and donate the money to charity.

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​Small change can make a big difference



Customisable parameters

Retailers can set customisable parameters and give customers the chance to round-up to the nearest pound, £5, £10 or more. There is also an open option so customers can choose any amount they want.


Multiple payment options

It doesn’t matter if customers are paying by cash or card, they can still round up their transactions.


Detailed reporting

Run reports on Round Up donations received, and monitor how much you are raising for your charity partners.


No forms

Gaining donations is easy to do, it’s just a simple tap of a button before checkout and there are no forms involved.


Increase loyalty and footfall

Offering Round Up in-store can encourage increased loyalty and footfall, as the concious customer knows that they can make a money donation as part of a transaction.


Choose your charity

If you have a number of charity partners you can chose which ones you want to select for Round Up donations. Perfect for supporting large national and smaller, local charities.

“Since implementing Cybertill, the biggest improvement is the customer service we can now provide.”

Luke Turner, Website Manager, W M Nicholls

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