Automated inventory management software for busy retail teams

Cybertill provides a sophisticated multi-branch stock control system as standard, which incorporates a powerful inventory replenishment solution. Omnichannel retailing demands an accurate multi-location inventory tracking software that can identify stock, make stock taking easy for your staff, handle inter-branch transfers, drop ship purchases to customers direct from suppliers, manage click and collect for web orders, and provide a trusted audit trail. You need a stock control system that can handle automated re-ordering based on real-time data and can support a real-time view of stock across your entire business.

Cybertill’s RetailStore platform was built in collaboration with multi-store retailers. It’s powerful enough to handle a retailer’s entire operation, and flexible enough to interface with existing systems.

A single view of stock can save the high street

Retail out-of-stocks cost the industry billions every year. Not only that, disappointing customers hurts your reputation as a retailer. P&G estimates the direct sales loss from such a rate of out-of-stocks is about 4%, and the odds of a shopper delaying purchase until an item is back in stock is only 15%. If you can’t sell your customers an item, they are just going to find it elsewhere.

The only stock control software that you’ll need



Included as standard

Out-of-the box complete stock control system fully integrated with the RetailStore platform. Can also be integrated with external systems. 


Omnichannel stock control

Real-time, 100% accurate single view of stock across all locations, and even stock in-transit


Streamline inventory control

Streamline purchase ordering, raise a PO from the EPoS interface, automated min and max levels.


Drop shipping & Pre-order

In transit items are tracked, and shop staff can allocate to customers even while its still in transit. Drop ship directly from suppliers.


Kit or grouped stock support

Configure stock into ‘kit’ or grouped products easily within the stock control software, EPoS or back office.


Hold less stock, sell more

Automatically suggest inter-branch transfers of stock based on regional sales and min and max levels.


Share a product database

Share stock levels and transfer easily between different shops, or different brands within a franchise or retail group.


Advanced reporting as standard

Advanced stock control reports including matrix reports, in-transit reports, and a complete and detailed stock audit.


Flexible stock handling

Sell stock in part-units and automatically update the RetailStore stock control system.

“Now we can see where the stock is, what’s selling and what isn’t. For the first time, we have accurate, real-time data on our stockholding.  We know what we have, what its value is and we can assess shrinkage. We have the facilities to easily transfer goods from one shop to another, and to order new stock from the warehouse, and all out-of-the-box.”

Paul Thomson, British Red Cross, 350 stores

Stock control is an out-of-the-box feature in the RetailStore retail management platform. Find out more and schedule a demo.

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