Even with online shopping on the rise, 90% of sales today still take place in physical stores. This should be music to the ears of charity retailers as almost all their selling is done in-store. It’s refreshing to hear that customers still value the in-store experience, and interaction with shop staff, so it’s important that your staff and volunteers have everything they need in order to provide supporters and donors with a personalised and valued experience.

Cybertill’s CRM module is directly integrated into the EPoS and gives your staff and systems real-time access to customer profiles including data from any sales channel. The system can be easily configured with your internal processes or even integrate with your own CRM system.

Charity CRM benefits


GDPR compliant

GDPR compliant CRM system, complete with marketing opt-in tools.



Real-time view of loyalty data across all stores and online channels.


No more duplicates

Automatically avoid duplicate customer records as all the data is held in one database.


Single database

Record or access supporter and donor data in-store with easy postcode lookup.


Recorded activity

Provide all customers’ details and transaction histories to all stores and websites – all in real-time.


Customise your CRM

Configure custom fields unique to your CRM strategy such as Gift Aid donor, lottery player and more. 


Fully integrated

Fully integrated CRM and Loyalty modules create a single view of supporters and donors.


Create alerts

Create notes on a customer record or create alerts that display when that record is accessed.


Get more data

Option to make gathering customer data mandatory at point of sale, perfect for capturing Gift Aid and sending e-receipts.

65% of UK shoppers consider themselves to be loyal shoppers reinforcing the power of one-to-one connections with customers via personalisation.

PwC Total Retail 2017

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