Case Study: The WATCH Lab

The WATCH Lab is a family business run by brothers Jonathan and Jeremy Barker. Originating in Liverpool in 2000, the business brings together timeless skills, latest technologies, bespoke tools and modern trading practices across 22 branches.

Download the free case study to find out how The WATCH Lab use Cybertill to:

  • Create intelligent business reports.
  • Store customer records, review problems, verify changes and check workshop details.
  • Use the live data to improve branch management.

“The Cybertill system has made us a better business and we are happy with it. It has resulted in measurable cost savings and helped us develop in a number of areas”

Sheila Derbyshire, The WATCH Lab’s Account Manager

Cybertill helps The WATCH Lab in 22 Stores located across the UK

“One of the things we love the most is seeing live data online. This is invaluable. It improves our branch management and means that the partners can have an eye on all locations without having to visit as much”

Sheila Derbyshire, The WATCH Lab’s Account Manager

Platform benefits for The WATCH Lab

Simple reports

For branch staff to create rather than wait for head office to tell them how they are doing.

Intuitive systems

Require no in-house IT staff making Cybertill cost effective.

Workshop module

Cybertill showed its creativity and willingness to develop a bespoke work-shop management system.

Healthy competition

Between branch staff as they are in control of their performance.

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