This strange and uncharted time has pushed companies and people to get creative with how they can still support important causes and businesses for them. For many, culture & arts is what brings them joy and COVID-19 has meant that many visitor attractions are now entering their busiest quarters, with the very real prospect that there may be no visitors this year.

We have been thinking about ways that consumers can help places close to their hearts during this time when no one is allowed to visit.

1. Online gift shop

Use the online gift shops of attractions to buy presents for your family, friends or just something for yourself. The Natural History Museum have a great online shop with an abundance of items that can be bought online and still be delivered to your door.

2. Gift vouchers

Buy your gift vouchers to be redeemed later in the year! By buying gift vouchers to visitor attractions you are supporting them financially now, plus you can still redeem the vouchers later in the year when things open back up. There are plenty of attractions that offer gift vouchers, choose from the vast selection here.

3. Become a member

By becoming a member, not only will you have the chance to visit with added member benefits such as discounts in cafes and gift shops, but you will be supporting visitor attractions during this momentary disruption, ensuring that they are able to reopen and function at a later date.

4. Learn

Many museums and art galleries have online learning courses such as the Museum Association who have said that their Professional Development programmes will continue to run digitally, and members can also benefit from their online learning platform Museum Essentials.

5. Take a virtual tour

This one may not directly benefit the attraction, but this is certainly something that you can do to pass the time and boost your mental health with a tour of a gallery or museum. These days online virtual tours are almost as good as being there and are a great way of keeping children entertained while being at home! The Walker Art Gallery in Liverpool has been asking bosses to encourage their staff who are self-isolating to take a break and take a virtual tour of the gallery which we think is a great idea. You can take the tour by clicking here. “See” you there!

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