Every Thursday at 8pm we, like many others across the country, have stood outside to applaud our carers who are doing amazing work during this time. The picture above is from outside of Alder Hey hospital painted by Liverpool Council to show solidarity and support to the carers who go to work there everyday. Alder Hey Children’s Charity are a Cybertill customer, and a local charity close to the heart of the Cybertill team. We want to show our appreciation in any way that we can, and with their charity shop being closed for the time being and fundraising events being cancelled, here’s a list of the many ways that you can still support the fantastic charity.

1. Spring Clean

So first up, it’s time to spring clean. And we’re not just talking about a surface level tidy up, we really want you to get stuck in and delve into the backs of your wardrobes, cupboards, garages and sheds for donations to Alder Hey Children’s Charity. Our CEO has 6 bags he has collected from other people in his garage ready to drop off! We want to make sure that they have plenty to fill their shelves and get cracking with sales once things reopen. (Please do not drop off donations now, please wait until the shop reopens)

Earlier this year we had a big donation push with the Cybertill team ahead of the new Alder Hey charity shops opening, which was a great success with lots of the team donating bags upon bags of clothes, accessories or toys. So, we want to do this again, and with everyone being at home with a lot more time on their hands, there’s no excuse!

2. Bike

Like many other charities, Alder Hey has had to take its fundraising events online. Currently Alder Hey have a few fundraising activities that you can get involved with right now whilst in lockdown, including their #BikeSoloAH challenge, which encourages people to use their daily exercise to Bike Solo for Alder Hey. You can use a static bike at home or get out and about on a regular bike. All you do is simply choose your distance, either 50km or 100k or more! Then sign up on this page for your cycling box.

3. Run

You could also get involved with Virtual Run #RunSoloAH similarly to biking you could sign up, receive your running box and use your daily exercise to run for Alder Hey and log your miles!

4. Shop

If exercise isn’t your thing, you can also support Alder Hey by buying gifts from their online shop, there is lots to choose from including bespoke jewellery from Wongs Jewellers and wedding favours to soft toys and even Christmas baubles, plenty of products that proudly showcase the signature Alder Hey branding.

5. Isolation Staycation

This next one is a personal favourite and could be a great one to keep the kids entertain whilst at home, Isolation Staycation. That’s right, get the camping gear out, toast some marshmallows and spend the night stargazing, all while supporting Alder Hey from your living room or back garden!

6. Online lottery

You could also sign up for their lottery online or simply just donate. Remember to tag Alder Hey and share your activities online for others to be inspired and get involved with. Whichever way you choose to support this important charity, you will be helping one of Europe’s biggest and busiest children’s hospitals in their time of need.


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