There is no doubt that 2020 brought immense stress and strain upon us all. With national lockdowns and a move to working from home for many (see our 7 tips for health & wellbeing while working from home) mental wellbeing became a focus for companies, helping their staff in being able to cope, as well as they could, during such a turbulent time. Here at Cybertill we already had many wellbeing benefits in place for our team to take advantage of when the world turned upside-down last year. Our team have access to the employee assistance programme Health Assured that they can use for support and advice on whatever challenges they may be facing in work, and in their personal life. That is why Cybertill is proud to announce that we are the wellbeing sponsor for the Charity Retail Association’s (CRA) wellbeing work that they will be embarking on this year.

The CRA have partnered with the trade charity retailTRUST and funded for all CRA members to gain access to the retailTRUST’s wellbeing resources that will help people with how to cope now, and for the future. The site has self-help materials that focus on supporting the emotional, physical, vocational and financial wellbeing needs of charity retail staff and volunteers. The resources from retailTRUST are easy to use and access, there are also many videos available to watch on their YouTube channel that explain what they do in a little more detail. The retailTRUST have been improving the wellbeing of retail employees and their families since 1832, so its safe to say they are experienced in providing support and helping the wellness of retail employees. The CRA have made it very easy to access the materials for all CRA members, by following the instructions on this page you will be able to register and start to benefit from the full range of downloadable resources and print-ready files that you can start to use right away. There are over 350 pieces of digital content covering a massive 85 topics including topics such as; personal experiences, top tips, professional guidance, as well as online courses.

We are looking forward to assisting the CRA in their mission to prioritise the wellbeing of charity retail staff and volunteers, as we all navigate through these difficult times together.

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