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Visitor Attractions: Retail trends 2019

Visitor Attractions: Retail trends 2019

Visitor Attractions: Retail trends 2019 Overseas leisure visitors say that their primary reasons for visiting the UK is to experience our history, heritage and world-leading culture. The spending power of these visitors is forecasted to be 7.1% higher than last year,... Read more

Social Media and Retail Were Made for Each Other

Social media is now not only a ‘nice to have’ for retailers, it’s an important sales channel that can be utilised to grow their business. A recent study by DigitasLBi’s showed that social media is influencing an increasing number of purchases both on and offline.... Read more

Champion independent retail this Small Business Saturday

During this busy Christmas period, with major retailers pushing discounts and launching high budget marketing campaigns, independent retailers may feel a little forgotten. However, as we’re sure many will agree, it’s often those shops where you find the most unique... Read more

Will this year’s Black Friday be the UK’s biggest yet?

Black Friday, always the day after Thanksgiving, is a day that instils excitement in all American shoppers and leaves retailers pitting against each other to offer the best deals and draw the biggest crowds. It typically marks the start of Christmas shopping in the US... Read more

Are you ready for the changing trends in sports retail?

With Christmas fast approaching multi-channel retailers are feeling confident about this festive season – 70% in fact, compared to 52% in 2013 according to a survey by Barclays. It also appears that consumers really embrace multi-channel retail, especially at peak... Read more

The Single Customer Conundrum

With the UK’s shoppers increasingly using a variety of ways to shop, be it in-store, online or via mobiles, the problem of keeping track of these various customer and sales records and a need to manage them effectively has become more necessary than ever. Imagine... Read more

Want to grow online sales…then offer click and collect

So you have seen the perfect item online, you’ve placed your order and wait patiently for it to arrive. Only to find that the one moment you went out for milk, the courier arrived and you missed your delivery and now need to rearrange another delivery or cancel your... Read more

Convergence: It’s all coming together for UK’s retailers

With so much talk in the news regarding high street retail, it can be easy to succumb to the ‘doom and gloom’ outlook presented – even from Cybertill’s own research. However in the last couple of months, there have been signs of retail growth. So just what is the... Read more

Social Media…the Emperor’s new clothes?

Has your company got a Twitter account, a Facebook or LinkedIn or Google Plus page…the list could go on. Most businesses have these now, whether they use them and post to them is a different matter. If your business has not got a social media presence then do... Read more

Mobile PoS manoeuvring into a store near you

Have you ever been in a shop and the assistant has left you for 15 minutes or longer to check the stock in the back? We’ll if you’re like me you probably end up leaving to looking elsewhere. This is just one of the pitfalls facing modern high street retailers who are... Read more

Showrooming – an Opportunity or Threat for retailers?

The digital revolution continues apace in retail. And one of the latest trends is showrooming, when consumers go into a store to look at and test a product but then leave to buy it online. This is fast becoming a mainstream phenomenon. So how do retailers react to... Read more
The card to give this Christmas is a gift card

The card to give this Christmas is a gift card

The time of year is coming when many people’s thoughts turn to Christmas and what gifts to buy their family and friends. Many rely on giving gift cards, as buying presents can be a minefield. Indeed the value of the UK gift card industry is growing quickly according... Read more

Are Apprenticeships of Value for smaller Retailers?

There is a plenty of debate around about the value of apprenticeships in business. Do they add real value to organisations and individuals or are they way of businesses getting cheap labour. Here Cybertill CEO, Ian Tomlinson, shares his thoughts on the value of... Read more

Getting Ranked on Google is not a ‘dark art’

Ask any retailer if they would like their website to be on page one of Google and…well you know the answer. The power of Google and the influence it has on websites is vast so appearing on its first page, and the higher the better, can have a huge bearing on volume of... Read more

Why even Indies can’t run efficiently without Technology

Guest Blog by Clare Rayner Technology is all around us – our phones, laptops, games consoles and even our TVs can now connect us wirelessly to the web to enable us to socialise, search and, most importantly, shop. Businesses too depend on technology, to provide data... Read more

Will Retailers have the Appetite for Cookies?

The deadline for the EU cookie directive is looming large, and it will potentially have a huge impact on online retailers. Firstly, what is the EU cookie directive? The directive relates how to companies hold personal information of visitors to their site. A cookie... Read more

Can High Street Events Change Retail?

The recent Record Store Day (that promotes independent record stores with in store gigs, exclusive releases and so forth) is becoming a common theme on the high street as different sectors of retail come together to promote their ‘cause’ and services to consumers.... Read more

Black Friday…changing UK retailing practices?

The wave of hype and excitement is palpable, even this side of the Atlantic, as Black Friday looms ahead! For those that don’t know, Black Friday is the first shopping day after Thanksgiving in the United States. Thanksgiving typically falls on the last Thursday in... Read more

Multi-Channel Retail is finished

Multi-channel retail is fast becoming extinct as the lines blur between each sales channel, and as retailers evolve into cross-channel retailers. First there was retail, then mail order, then ecommerce. Some retailers managed to combine the three sales channels with... Read more

Plan for the Worst

It is hard to imagine that the riots that have been sweeping England could actually happen. So as individuals and businesses how can you plan for disasters like these, to ensure your retail business can have some continuity? There are some basic steps that retailers... Read more

Power to the People!

Is there anything as powerful as the internet? It has brought down governments, businesses and aided in major civil unrest. Look at the revolutions in the Middle East and North Africa as governments fall and people are mobilised by the internet and social media.... Read more

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