Retail Consumer Data:
UK Parents 2018

In today’s digital society consumers have more choice than ever before. What motivates parents to buy from one retailer over another? Brand new research conducted by YouGov and commissioned by Cybertill, reveals the consumer quirks of mums and dads who want nothing more than a fuss-free, queue-free shopping experience, both online and in-store.

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  • How much of online purchasing is aided by in-store browsing
  • The most frustrating part of click and collect for parents
  • What in-store tech is most desired by parents
  • What Smyths Toys, River Island and Grays Schoolwear are doing right

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Meet the Parents

The modern-day parent is an omnichannel shopper, moving between high street, online, mobile, or even browsing and buying via Instagram shops. They are not impulsive, and instead like to check prices from various sources and compare items in-person.

Parents are role models, what they say goes, and if there is one market that hasn’t been hit by the steady drop in consumer spending that’s the kidswear market. Parents still want to give their children nice things above all other household purchases, in fact British parents spend over £6,000 dressing their children in their first 11 years!

“It’s not just a case of shopping themselves, often parents have have kids in tow, which can be stressful. Providing an efficient shopping experience is the most important thing”

Ian Tomlinson, Customer-obsessed CEO, Cybertill


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