In recent years, many have heralded the death of the high street. Well, it’s still here, and according to a recent survey by the Confederation of British Industry (CBI) showed that retail sales are ‘bounding ahead’ with growth accelerating by 51% in the year to May. Retail is evolving. The way in which retailers promote their business and serve their customers is changing.

For independent retailers, it may be that they have opened up an ecommerce shop alongside their bricks and mortar store, or are promoting their business using new technologies. We often hear stories about independent retailers struggling, but what makes them so special is the sense of community they offer, their unique product selection and the in depth knowledge they provide. So what better way to celebrate this than Independent Retailer Month?

Independent Retailer Month runs throughout July, encouraging local communities to engage with their local stores. By shopping locally, people can show their support for local retailers and keep that sense of community alive. Many people are happy to do so because they love shopping locally and feel good knowing they’ve done their part to help the cause.

To continue to be successful, the annual event really needs retailers to take part and promote it. One of the best ways to do that nowadays is via social media. Retailers are able to build up a loyal and local following within their community on social media, keeping them up to date with opening times, product launches, offers and competitions. What’s more, it’s a free platform, there’s no need to print and distribute hundreds of flyers to spread the word, and it’s instant!

As busy as independent retailers are, some struggle to find the time to use social media for their business or are unsure of what to post and where. Cybertill has produced a series of social media guides for Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Google+ and Instagram that are perfect to make a flying start into social media for Independent Retailer Month. Download our easy to follow guides for free now by clicking here.

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