Four Ways that Millennials are Dictating the Future of Retail

Etail but not as we know it: Google Home Launch

As we all well know – Google has the answer. This week the tech giant launched their Amazon Echo and Alexa competitor; Google Home with their aptly named Assist function to the UK market. It was our mums we used to call across the room to get us a biscuit or... Read more

Top 10 quirky British retail facts

Top 10 trivial UK shopping facts With the Christmas rush over, we take a light hearted look at Britain’s quirky spending habits, eccentric shopping purchases and indulgent buys, and find out interesting facts about Britain’s retail landmarks. 1          Marmite mania... Read more

Update on the Development of our New Offline Till

Following on from our announcement about Offline Till back in July, we thought we’d share an update on our progress. We are now nearing the end of our work to replace the Emergency Till feature with our new till that works both online and offline seamlessly using... Read more

Fear, Fallacy and Fact: Post-Brexit Retail Sales Smash Doom and Gloom

UK Retail Sales increase by 5.9% in July compared to 2015 despite the feared impact of Brexit on UK consumer spend. The weak pound increased foreign sales and home sales remained strong despite the political climate and sporting events. Many retailers review their retail channel strategy to expand further into online sales which topped consumer spend increasing by 18.7% on last year.

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Retail Jargon explained

Retail Jargon explained

Trying to make sense of the jargon in today’s retail sector can be tough, with new words seeming to pop up all the time, mostly due to rapidly developing retail technology. We’ve put together a handy list so you’re clued up on all the latest retail terms.

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Social Media and Retail Were Made for Each Other

Social media is now not only a ‘nice to have’ for retailers, it’s an important sales channel that can be utilised to grow their business. A recent study by DigitasLBi’s showed that social media is influencing an increasing number of purchases both on and offline.... Read more

Respond to Google’s Changing Web Demands

Google is the dominant search engine. Globally almost 66% of desktop searches are done on Google. The second most used is Baidu (a Chinese Search Engine). On mobile the statistics are even more startling; 92% of searches are via Google. In the UK across all searches... Read more

Champion independent retail this Small Business Saturday

During this busy Christmas period, with major retailers pushing discounts and launching high budget marketing campaigns, independent retailers may feel a little forgotten. However, as we’re sure many will agree, it’s often those shops where you find the most unique... Read more

Will this year’s Black Friday be the UK’s biggest yet?

Black Friday, always the day after Thanksgiving, is a day that instils excitement in all American shoppers and leaves retailers pitting against each other to offer the best deals and draw the biggest crowds. It typically marks the start of Christmas shopping in the US... Read more

Are you ready for the changing trends in sports retail?

With Christmas fast approaching multi-channel retailers are feeling confident about this festive season – 70% in fact, compared to 52% in 2013 according to a survey by Barclays. It also appears that consumers really embrace multi-channel retail, especially at peak... Read more

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