Making the switch from a manual retail system to EPoS doesn’t have to be as daunting as it sounds. In fact, it can be quite liberating to retailers of all sizes, freeing up time and resource to serve customers and sell more, rather than be tied down to admin work.

There is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ with EPoS, each business has its own objectives and growth plan, however, the one thing that should be the same is the ability to improve customer experience and ultimately increase revenue. This is where an intuitive retail management and EPoS system can really tick the box and set a retailer on the way to success – no matter what its size.

Is EPoS just a fad?

No. Absolutely not. EPoS is the future of retail and the technology that will see retailers become profitable in times of uncertainty. It’s easy to talk about AI, IoT and robots, but what’s the point investing in gimmicky tech if you don’t have the nuts and bolts screwed on?

Getting the basics of your retail management is imperative to your omnichannel success and no matter what size retailer you are, you need an EPoS that can work across all your sales channels including multiple locations, centrally consolidate all your sales, stock control and customer information as well helping you to manage your staff more effectively and improve your customer experience and increase sales either in-store, online or both.

What can EPoS do for me?

In essence, EPoS can do a lot for your business, depending on what it is you want. Here are a few of the main benefits that moving from a manual system to EPoS can bring for retailers of all shapes and sizes. 

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  • Easy to use epos with user tested touch screen GUI
  • Ecommerce and POS integration, either with an existing website or a Cybertill built ecommerce website using Magento 2 or Shopify
  • Efficient CRM to enhance customer relations and provides a real-time, omnichannel view of all customers and their purchase history
  • Real-time view of sales and stock, reducing the risk of selling out of stock items, keeping your customers happy and loyal
  • Integrated loyalty to encourage repeat purchases and provide SME retailers with omnichannel customer insights
  • Detailed and real-time reporting helps shop managers keep track of KPIs and sales targets, performance in real-time letting you make instant, informed business decisions on the go
  • Innovative mPOS solution that can be used in-store, away from the till, and taken with you on the road when selling at pop-ups and festivals, giving you full flexibility


  • Omnichannel ready EPoS and retail management software to future proof your business
  • Ecommerce and POS integration, with an intuitive product information management (PIM) to keep your in-store and online stock aligned, giving your customers confidence in shopping with you!
  • Real-time stock levels across all locations, ensuring you have the correct stock in the right stores, helping you sell more and get maximum price for your goods
  • Give customers the flexibility and drive footfall to store with click and collect, pick from store, transfer between stores and offer customers a pick-up time
  • Warehousing and merchandising modules that help manage complex retail processes and stock control, while maximising revenue and keeping control over your purchase order processes
  • Real-time reporting that lets you see a live snapshot of what is happening across the whole retail estate, including online, along with access to business intelligence that helps you make more informed business decisions


  • Integrated EPoS and Gift Aid solution that automates Gift Aid, in line with HMRC guidelines
  • Supporter management and loyalty that has one CRM database for all supporters and donors across all channels, providing real-time access to customer profiles
  • Supporter cards that can be issued at the till when donors complete the Gift Aid declaration form, then each time the card is presented the only thing staff and volunteers need to do is scan it!
  • Seamless migration between stores, donation centres, ecommerce including eBay, your warehouse and supply chain, meaning you won’t have to run all systems separately
  • Automated, easy to use Gift Aid software that’s proven to increase Gift Aid revenues by 20-40% and provide return on investment within the first year of purchase
  • Electronic donor sign-up module that lets you sign-up Gift Aid donors on a tablet, mPOS solution or at the till quickly and securely, reducing the risk of lost data
  • Lottery module that lets you sell down to the last minute and increase shop footfall by selling tickets directly from the till

Visitor Attractions

  • Completely integrated EPoS system that processes transactions in the gift shop quickly, along with the ‘hotshot’ functionality that lets you pre-populate quick keys on the till for easy tap and go transactions – perfect for your top selling items!
  • Connect your ecommerce website to your gift shops and warehouse, managing all product information from a single interface and letting you sell tickets online at the same time as online products
  • Gather customer and member data at the point of sale and online to optimise your marketing efforts and improve membership activity and offering
  • Access data including accounting, budgeting, and forecasting in real-time from any device at any location, giving you full visibility of what is selling best and when, making it easier for you to plan for new stock and replenishment, especially during busy periods and specialist events/exhibitions
  • Integrate ticketing into your retail operation, letting you sell tickets and merchandise at the same time, in person, online, at a kiosk or via a mobile point of sale in the queue!

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