Has your company got a Twitter account, a Facebook or LinkedIn or Google Plus page…the list could go on. Most businesses have these now, whether they use them and post to them is a different matter. If your business has not got a social media presence then do you feel left out, somewhat incomplete? Or more importantly are you made to feel that way by consultants, other businesses, customers, or staff? Surely everyone has a social media presence because it is adding to their bottom line and increasing their profits? Not quite. Social media is a great way to engage with customers, suppliers, peers and so on. It can add revenues to the bottom line, but this tends to be for specific businesses like retail. So are all retailers are making hay by using social media? No! The best way to drive custom to your shop or website are the ‘old fashioned’ digital tools, such as email, optimising your website (Search Engine Optimisation) and Google Adwords according to a report by Custora.

Admittedly the report is eons old in this digital age (well six months) but it highlights some salient points. Facebook and Twitter hardly register in terms of driving and making sales and Email customers were nearly 11% more valuable than average (for all the findings click this link).

But the two real points of this report is it highlights the fact if you are on social media purely to sell things, well it doesn’t work as well as other media, such as email, as people don’t go on Twitter to be sold to and your post may only appear for a brief second.  And secondly do you measure your marketing campaigns so you know what activities work best for your business? If you did you might be surprised (or you might not) that social media probably isn’t going to make you rich overnight.


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