Well the challenge has been accepted!

Cybertill will be supporting PDSA in their centenary year to donate 100 bags for 100 years campaign.

Rose has kindly shared the bags around the office to all us hoarders who I’m sure will have lots of lovely things to donate!

Not only will PDSA be receiving lots of items to donate but staff will be able to Gift Aid their donations, which means the charity will be able to claim an extra 25% revenue on everything they sell, raising more money for their extremely worthy cause.

Set up in 1917 their first pet clinic was opened in London by founder Maria Dickin who wanted to help sick animals and their owners who couldn’t afford treatment for them. Fast forward to today and PDSA have 48 pet hospitals and over 380 pet practices caring for animals daily, a truly great accomplishment.

Here’s to another 100 years!



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