With Christmas 2012 behind us, the sales figures are in and they all point to changing consumer patterns, with a growing share of shoppers doing more of their spending online and an emergence of ‘show rooming’ and ‘price matching’. However the retail winners of 2012 all had one thing in common…a strong multi-channel retail presence.

So how do retailers direct shoppers to their brand?
With a growing use of tablet computers and mobile devices, and an increase in data usage, customers are showing changes in their shopping habits. Online sales reached record highs for 2012. According to IMRG; in 2012 the estimated value of the UK online retail market was £77bn, with 20% of all UK online sales made through mobile devices and tablets. Retailers now competing on a global level, as shoppers are looking to find the best deal possible, with a trend to browse products in store and find the best price or available stock online. When customers come in to your store is it best practise to let them browse your products and leave to purchase it elsewhere? In a ‘global market’ is it acceptable to only reach the customer base of shoppers in your local area? Is it best practise to have items listed on your website that are out of stock and not updated in real time, resulting in cancelled orders? Is it best practise to have a website that cannot be accessed via mobile device, alienating 20% of your market? Bottom line is if your website isn’t any good, you’re waving goodbye to customers and prospects.

Would it not be better retail practise for the following; when customers are online, they are directed towards your website, and that its properly optimised online? With your mobile enabled website, customers can browse across any mobile device with no loss of quality. Customers can see exactly what is in stock in real time, price match and see a full description of the products? They can easily contact you with any queries they may have and reserve stock for collection in store? Is it not best practise to gain a greater customer exposure online, with your website easily integrated with eBay and Amazon? With your quality ecommerce web presence you can deliver a personal touch to your customers as if they were in store, allowing you to build brand loyalty and returning business.
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