Cybertill, the leading supplier of cloud based EPoS systems in the UK, has been shortlisted in the EPoS innovation category at the Retail Systems Awards 2012. Cybertill’s entry showcased how charity retailer, Dove House Hospice has benefited from Cybertill’s innovative charity retail solution called Advanced Gift Aid. It consists of a single scan bar code for charities that allows them to capture both gift aid and the product and price in one bar code.

Cybertill is the leading supplier of gift aid software and EPoS (electronic point of sale) software to charities in the UK, with an estimated 1 in 3 UK charity shops using Cybertill.  Dove House Hospice, a charity retailer in the Hull area with 31 shops, has achieved some outstanding results by using Cybertill’s new Advanced Gift Aid software. For example on average Dove House have increased gift aid* revenue by a further 20%, reduced fraud in-store and are now able to manage stock on donated goods in store. This last year Dove House has been able to claim in excess of £100,000 in gift aid from HMRC.

Founder and CEO of Cybertill, Ian Tomlinson, said, “On today’s high streets charity shops actively compete with mainstream independent and multiple retailers for a share of the consumer’s wallet. With the current economic environment this is not without its challenges; from charity retailers operating on much tighter budgets than their peers and to the quality of many donations deteriorating as we, the public, hold on to clothes and other items for longer before donating them, as many households continue to feel the economic pinch. With that in mind we’re delighted that Cybertill’s EPoS and gift aid software has helped Dove House Hospice improve the efficiency of its business and helped raise even more money. And we are also pleased that Cybertill’s advancement in of its charity EPoS software has been recognised by the Retail Systems Awards.”

*Many charities now reclaim Gift-Aid on donated goods in their charity shops. Gift-Aid allows charities to reclaim the tax paid on donated goods by UK taxpayers (with donors’ consent), typically 25p in every pound. HMRC has set out strict guidelines on the procedures around Gift-Aid and the reclaim process is administratively intensive. Cybertill has introduced Advanced Gift-Aid software, which integrates with its retail point of sale system, and this automates Gift-Aid processes for charities and in addition guarantees to eradicate all missed Gift-Aid sales and increase the revenue a charity takes through Gift-Aid.


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