After posting impressive financial results, in the last financial year Cybertill doubled its profits and the year prior to that grew turnover by 63%, Cybertill is targeting international expansion to further accelerate its recent successful growth.

The Cybertill success story bucks the trend of many suppliers to the retail sector, as the high streets travails have also adversely affected many suppliers to the sector. Initially Cybertill is targeting the North American market, the USA and Canada. And according to Cybertill’s CEO and Founder, Ian Tomlinson, “It is the logical first step for Cybertill as some of our customers have already opened stores in North America and we are supporting them.” Although Cybertill is primarily UK based, where it is used in over 4,000 locations and runs over 400 ecommerce websites. “We have also developed the Cybertill product to accommodate the tax arrangements of the United States and its individual states. What’s more Cybertill has recently developed the ability for the software to be multi-currency. This enables retailers to monitor their entire estate and report on their key indicators, such as stock and sales, from a local or global perspective in any currency.

The initial entrance plan into North America is focused around a recruitment drive of partners at RetailNOW 2013. Cybertill is exhibiting and speaking at the event, which is organised by the Retail Solutions Providers Association (RSPA). In addition to that Cybertill has recently joined become a member of the RSPA.

According to Tomlinson, “With Cybertill being cloud based this is still a key advantage for us. As it gives retailers a real time solution that allows them to manage all sales channels seamlessly. It also allows Cybertill to offer partners different pricing models including SaaS (subscription based) or license based, as well as additional revenue streams including ecommerce hosting and design, support and training.”

Cybertill already works with several international partners which Tomlinson believes will aid the international expansion process. “The Cybertill platform is hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS), who have an international footprint and can support us in any international market. Working with global partners, such as AWS, reduces our time to enter new markets whilst giving us local support.”


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