INTERSPORT General Manager Barry Mellis

INTERSPORT General Manager, Barry Mellis

Cybertill, the UK’s leading EPoS (electronic point of sale) system provider, has become a preferred partner of INTERSPORT UK, part of the world’s leading sports and outdoor buying group. This alliance results in Cybertill’s EPoS system being recommended to buying group members along with other INTERSPORT partners. Sports retailers’ who are members of the INTERSPORT buying group are offered support and advice on every aspect of their business, everything from training to ecommerce stores to marketing services and now to EPoS systems.

“Cybertill is an unique EPoS solution which is well proven in the sports and outdoor retail sector and with our own members. Cybertill helps sports retailers manage their business more efficiently and reduces stockholding. It is this added advantage of business control and ease of use that we want to offer to our members. At INTERSPORT, we have also utilised our buying power so we can offer our members special pricing for the Cybertill EPoS system,” commented INTERSPORT general manager, Barry Mellis.

“INTERSPORT is a globally recognised sports retail brand that Cybertill is proud to be working with. They are also recognised on the high street as offering a personal and specialised service to their customers. The Cybertill EPoS system is unique in that it is delivered over a broadband connection, this gives retailers added advantages over traditional EPoS systems, for example all a retailer’s stock and sales are seen in real time, doing away with overnight polling. Cybertill is used in many sports and outdoor retailers in the UK, and we believe Cybertill is a natural fit for the INTERSPORT members.” said Ian Tomlinson, Cybertill’s Executive Chairman.


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