Retail management built for change.

Type ‘which epos system is the best’ into Google and you’ll be inundated with results, from the ‘top 5 epos providers in the UK’ to the ‘best point of sale systems’ and many, many more variants. The list is endless. In all seriousness though, choosing which retail management system is the best, relies completely on what your business needs are.

If you’re a one shop business selling much of the same thing then chances are you won’t need an all singing, all dancing complex system – unless you have plans to expand quickly. For retailers who operate in this omni-channel world, choosing retail software becomes more convoluted.

In retail, change is constant.

This is true. Rewind back to when ecommerce was in its infancy and customer expectations where very different. Shoppers relied heavily on shop staff knowing their stuff and making their way into town on a busy Saturday afternoon, without knowing if the shop even had stock of something that you had seen the previous week. In fact, it’s not that long ago that shops closed early on a Wednesday and John Lewis never opened on Monday – I’m talking early 90’s here, that’s not too long ago, is it?

Now it’s much different. Shoppers are now ‘consumers’ and they are more educated than ever before, often knowing more about products and availability than shop staff and calling into question the role of the store. So, what do consumers want from retailers? In a nutshell*:

  • 94% of customers want access to a full range of products
  • 96% want to see real-time stock levels for stores online before they shop
  • 81% like to be able to see products in real life, and…
  • 58% actually enjoy the browsing experience

That’s a lot of percent and retailers need to think long and hard about how they’re going to meet these expectations, which is where retail management software comes in to play.

Excite them with EPoS.

I’ll admit, that sounds like an oxymoron, but put yourself in your customers shoes, most of them are overjoyed when stuff just works, and retailers get it right.

When researching which retail management system is best suited for your operation, retailers not only need to consider the here and now, but the future too. Technology is advancing so quickly and is showing no sign of slowing down, even ecommerce is seeming out of date with the advances in social commerce.

Getting it right, isn’t solely down to the system you choose though. You and your employees need to buy into what you are wanting to achieve. This is why Cybertill designed the RetailStore and CharityStore platforms for those who want to make the most of their retail operations and get the best out of the system. If the powers that be in your company want you to select a new EPoS system, then think about the end goal of how you want the system to work – remember, you’ll struggle to live a champagne lifestyle on a Lambrusco budget. In reality, you need to consider if you need the following:

  1. A point of sale software with user-tested and easy-to-use touch screen GUI
  2. Real-time, secure stock, sales, and customer data visibility
  3. Omnichannel sales and returns processing including click and collect, drop ship, faulty item management, and inter-store transfers
  4. Enhanced customer experience with touch screen mobile PoS, shop floor payments, and e-receipt options
  5. Advanced real-time reporting including accounting, budgeting and forecasting
  6. Modules for booking workshop services, bespoke projects, and repairs
  7. Order management directly from point of sale
  8. Integrated loyalty module to encourage repeat purchases, and giving you valuable data
  9. Ability to integrate into other systems or work as a standalone solution (including stock replenishment) or a combination of the two depending on requirements
  10. Product information management including descriptions, photos and unlimited attributes

If you put a tick next to any of the ten points, then chances are you need a new retail management system. What are you waiting for?

*All stats are from the Cybertill and YouGov survey.


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