Hi, I’m Ellie and for the past week I’ve been doing work experience at Cybertill. I’m 15 years old and have spent a week in a workplace to experience what having a job is really like for after I leave school. I’ve travelled through many departments and have had a great week learning how to use software and have had fun looking into the marketing side of the business.

On the first day, I helped on the service desk listening in on calls and finding out what their work is all about. I also went through applicant CV’s with the team which taught me many things. Throughout my work experience, I’ve not just learnt about what the retail industry is like, but about life skills such as what interviewers look for and what will make me stand out on my CV. This will help me a lot when I come to write my own in a few years. Everyone in this department has been extremely friendly and have really helped me to understand what they do on a day-to-day basis.

Before this week, I thought their job was to help the odd customer with their till, but I’ve found out that there is so much more. ellie-workThey help hundreds of customers each day with any issues they have and at the same time have to create tickets and go through so many emails. At first, the work using new software was hard, but I soon got my head around it with the help of everyone on the service desk.

One of my favourite parts of this experience has been learning about how marketing influences business and the importance of advertising. I have done things like research exciting new ideas in technology and even write a blog post of my own! I also created this blog header image myself on Indesign, which I have never used before. Before I started, I thought the company only had a website and that all advertisement came from emails. I didn’t realise how many social media accounts there were for the business like Instagram, Facebook and Twitter where all the latest ideas for technology are posted.

Everyone here has been so nice and friendly and have helped me loads along the way! This experience was a lot more enjoyable than I thought it would be, and it has been so much more than being sat at a desk with a computer! I think work experience is a great thing to do since it shows you what life is really like once you’ve left the classroom and it can help you decide the right career path for you.


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