With hundreds of shops and warehouses around the country, national charity retailers need an end-to-end solution to manage their supply chain, stores, and online presence, along with supporters, donors and volunteers.

Cybertill’s CharityStore platform has been developed using high street retail best practices to create a scalable cloud-based EPoS system with back office reporting, real-time stock levels, a supporter loyalty programme, integration with ecommerce to sell online. Along with merchandising and warehousing modules that help calculate replenishment levels of donated and new goods and streamline warehousing operations from storage, to logistics, to deliveries.

National charities can also make use of the single scan Gift Aid function, making capturing claims easy.

National charities can take advantage of the enterprise modules that Cybertill offer for larger retailers operating on a corporate level, with integrated merchandising and warehousing to help manage the whole supply chain more efficiently.

  • Scalable cloud-based EPoS system with back office reporting.
  • Integration with ecommerce to sell online, on eBay and Amazon.
  • Merchandising and warehousing modules to manage your whole supply chain.
  • Event Manager module that unifies your fundraising ticket events and retail.

Charity retail software for national charities 

EPoS software

Process transactions in-store quickly using barcodes, or pre-populate quick keys for easy tap and go transactions.

Gift Aid

Increase the re-sale value of donated goods by 25% through claiming Gift Aid on donated goods and cash donations.


An integrated warehouse system that can handle the complex sales and supply chain environment.


Lets you create profiles of your stores via size, products carried and more

Supporter management & loyalty

Keep all your supporter data securely in the one place with integrated CRM and loyalty modules.


A truly integrated system that allows donated goods to be added to the EPoS system and are then visible in any store and online – all in real-time.

Ticketing and events

Combine all your fundraising tickets and registrations in-store, through your till with the Event Manager module from Cybertill.


CharityStore gives you live, accurate, multi-way data accessible from any location and is securely housed in the cloud.

“The Cloud allows us to react quickly to sales data, customer spending trends and seasonal changes. Moreover, it provides great insight into ‘click and brick’, ecommerce and social media reaction.”

Darren Irwin, Group Head of Trading, PDSA

National charities we support

Retail operations of national charities often resemble that of their high street counterparts, which is why Cybertill used retail best practices to develop the CharityStore platform. Providing additional modules specifically for larger retail and charity retailers, Cybertill helps you manage your supply chain and back-office functionality, including, warehousing and merchandising, as well as front of house systems, including EPoS, ecommerce and eBay.

A true multi-channel, end-to-end retail software system, CharityStore integrates your EPoS and Ecommerce, including eBay sales, to let you sell both donated and new goods in-store and online. It can be managed centrally, but can allow individual stores to add to the website rare or unusual items donated to their shop.

Having the ability to access information from any location at any time is crucial to the management team understanding how the business is performing and the back office function of CharityStore is a virtual head office that can be access from any device and location, as Darren Irwin, Group Head of Trading, PDSA explains;

“The Cloud offers us access to ‘live’ information anywhere including via our mobiles and tablets. It also allows us to react quickly to sales data, customer spending trends and seasonal changes. Moreover, it provides great insight into ‘click and brick’, ecommerce and social media reaction.”

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