Connecting event tickets to your till

Integrate Cybertill’s Event Manager module into your RetailStore EPoS platform

Event Manager works alongside the RetailStore EPoS platform, providing retailers and visitor attractions with the ability to sell tickets, integrate member and supporter services, manage your stock and reward those members with a loyalty scheme that provides targeted promotions and discounts.

This 12-page brochure looks at how the Event Manager module can help you;

  1. Simplify event ticket sales
  2. Sell tickets 24/7 with online integration 
  3. Integrate ticketing into your retail operation
  4. Create quick keys for top selling items and tickets

“2018 saw an average increase of 8.68% [on 2017] visits to UK attractions. Overall 138, 823, 297 visits were made to the top 249 ALVA sites in the UK.”

Association of Leading Visitor Attractions (AVLA), ALVA News, March 2019 


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