Cybertill’s RetailStore platform can help you optimise your stores, automate your processes to offer your customers a great experience, whether they are just popping by for some seeds, browsing your website for advice, or looking for a day out. You dig?

What makes Cybertill’s RetailStore EPoS and retail management platform unique?

  • Complex product matrix for product information management – Optimise your ecommerce and marketing strategies to feature product personalisation
  • Sell tickets to in-store events from the till or online
  • Easy-to-use EPoS that offers real-time data that can link into your other systems
  • Make managing brands a breeze with RetailStore’s in-built concession management module

Cybertill’s RetailStore system integrates online and in-store data helping The Gift Company automate omnichannel operations across 35 stores in the UK.

Retail management for garden centres and garden retailers


EPoS Software

Process transactions on or off the till. Use mobile EPoS on a tablet to help shop staff offer exceptional customer service.


Promotions –

Sell groups of products as part of promotions. Launch localised promotions, even offers based on the weather, instantly, across the entire store estate.



Show real-time stock levels on your website to drive customers to store. Personalise your website for your repeat customers.



Offer a loyalty scheme to encourage repeat purchases and make VIP customers feel special online and in-store.


Stock Control

Transfer stock between garden centres from the EPoS, stock take quickly and easily and see stock levels in real-time across all sales channels.


Event management

Make your garden centre a destination. Sell tickets to events, such as educational garden classes, or to meet Santa during the busy Christmas period.



See sales data in real time by location and manage permissions across the entire business, perfect for running competitions to keep store staff engaged.


Purchase Order

Manage even the most complex supply chain, including live products such as plants. Pre-order from suppliers and manage it all from a single interface.

Garden centre retailers with multiple locations are just starting to adapt to evolving digital trends. We have helped over 700 retailers globally gain meaningful insight from sales, stock, and customer data, and provide a user-tested and retailer approved EPoS system with modules for complete retail management.

Whether you are a specialist garden centre, a specialist supplier to garden centres, or a visitor attraction with a garden shop, Cybertill’s RetailStore platform can help you maximise your profits, manage your stock across multiple locations, link your point of sale to your ecommerce operation, and manage your supply chain from manufacture to store.

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Cybertill’s RetailStore platform can increase profits, automate processes, and improve customer experience.

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