Electronic Donor Sign-up

Get more Gift Aid with the Electronic Donor Sign-up module form Cybertill

Perfecting Gift Aid capture can be a cumbersome task and one which Cybertill has been reviewing for many years. We want to make it easy for charities to capture Gift Aid and simplify the whole till operation for staff and volunteers, whilst still making sure that you comply with HMRC guidelines and GDPR.

This 12-page brochure looks at how the Electronic Donor Sign-up module can help your charity get more Gift Aid and,

  1. Guarantee accurate donor information
  2. Ensure you become compliant 
  3. Reduce the paper trail
  4. Simplify the Gift Aid process
  5. Create a centralised supporter management database
  6. Add supporter cards and loyalty programmes
  7. Integrate your data to your fundraising

“Signing up your donors to Gift Aid via a tablet is a great way to make sure you’re capturing the data securely and accurately. It just makes it easier for charities to capture that extra revenue.”

Elaine Scott, Business Development Manager, Cybertill


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