With so many donations and new goods, charity retailers need to have an integrated warehouse system that can handle the complex sales and supply chain environment. Cybertill’s CharityStore platform provides this enterprise add on that integrates with all your other systems, and can be customised to meet your specific needs.

When setting up the warehouse module, charities can allocate zones, aisles, sections, levels and bins. Each bin is allocated a type, its dimensions and weight capacity, as well as many other variables, helping you to structure your warehousing as efficiently as possible.

Warehouse management benefits

A cloud approach to supply chain and warehouse management helps charity retailers get goods to the right location, at the right time and to sell more at full price.


Optimise inventory

View tracking, bin locations, picking stock, dispatch planning and vehicle capacity.


Container management

Save container preferences by supplier, and record volume and weight of products for automatic container management.


Stock take

Stock take quickly in the warehouse or in-store with handheld devices.


Keep it tidy

CharityStore lets you structure your warehouse efficiently and to the way you need it to be.


Quality assurance

Automate quality assurance (QA) and set processes by product which is perfect for warehouses that include a workshop.



Head office, shops and your ecommerce can see the stock available in the warehouse all in real-time. 


Improve processes

Improve your stock picking process, particularly during busy trading periods when you need everything to run smoothly.



Integrated merchandising capabilities to optimise your supply chain of new goods and most popular donations based on demand.



Allocates picking notes and routes to pickers, so goods are picked and scanned in the most efficient way.

“In the warehouse, the stock held adds up to a lot. We have thousands of garments and the prices put onto the system. We aim to get them out to the shops priced and hung and about 75-85% are done quickly now because of the Cybertill system.”

Melissa Campbell, Warehouse Manager, Wakefield Hospice

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