Manx Telecom Case Study

This customer success story looks at how Manx Telecom crafted their own bespoke consultancy days with Cybertill to improve retail operations. Download this case study and discover:

  • Bespoke Consultancy for a Better Way of Working 
  • Operational and Inventory Optimisation
  • Improving Product Availability
  • Customer Responsive Intelligent Algorithms
  • Transfers and Reporting

“The new platform has significantly improved the accuracy of data about stock levels and customer orders, and this has made a real difference to the service we provide for our customers.”

Callum Shepherd, Retail Manager, Manx Telecom

Platform benefits for Manx Telecom

Bespoke Consultancy

Organised with the Cybertill training team to successfully gain maximum benefit and return on investment for the RetailStore platform.

Inventory Optimisation

RetailStore offers improved accuracy of data, stock levels and customer orders to optimise operations and inventory.

Product Availability

Real-time racking and controlling of stock levels and orders, including pre-ordered products.


Complete 24/7 visibility of stock, location and matrix reports.

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