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Headway: Driving stock acquisition with EPoS

National charity Headway works to improve life after brain injury and provides support, services and information to brain injury survivors, their families and carers. Dependant on 100% stock donations from members of the public, Headway retail shops sell a mixture of clothes, bric-a-brac, toys, books and in larger stores – furniture.

Carol Tennet, Head of Retail explains, “the stock we receive from our generous donors is amazing, but to keep up with the competition, we know that we needed to start to truly grasp what it means for us as a charity – looking at what drives donations and therefore increasing sales.”

“Our shift to a Cloud-based system was monumental for us as a business but I think those organisations that are not keeping up with the times and taking the plunge, will fall by the wayside. The market and competition out there is fierce.”

Carol Tennet, Head of Retail, Headway

Real time data forging better links between stores was vital for the Headway office team, along with needing a more efficient way to analyse goods and gather more accurate information, “we needed one view of how all the stores are performing – what is coming in and going out”.
Cybertill’s CharityStore platform was implemented to achieve goals set out by Headway central office and the system proved to be an instant success, as Tennet explains; “from the beginning we saw immediate advances to the business and because of the support system Cybertill provides we had assistance every step of the way”.

As well as switching to barcoded ticket printing and making use of operator clock-ins, whilst gathering daily reports, the central office team also saw instant benefits from the Gift Aid reclaim function of CharityStore; “the investment in the system was paid back in year one with the return from the Gift Aid claim. Any charity knows that its an instant 25% bonus on everything you sell that has been gift aided, so not making best use of the system didn’t make any sense”.

“Not only has our Gift Aid card helped us to reclaim tax it has also encouraged people to donate more goods and build customer loyalty”

Read more about how switching to a cloud-based retail management system helped Headway drive stock acquisition. Download the full case study here.

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