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After Noah is an independent homeware retailer selling eclectic products through its ecommerce website and from its beautiful shop in Islington, London.

After Noah stocks thousands of products including vintage and modern toys, gifts, books, homeware and vintage furniture, which is all restored in its onsite workshop. Co-founder Matthew Crawford explains, “We’ve always been independent. We started off as an antique restoration shop. Then we started selling antique & vintage furniture, then more contemporary pieces, later adding homeware, gifts, and a fully-fledged traditional toyshop.”

“Cybertill is such a cool system. It’s like a cooperative stock control system. It’s getting the power of a system that you’d need to be Marks & Spencer’s to harness, but it’s available to everyone on the platform, and for not very much money.”

Matthew Crawford, Co-Founder, After Noah

After Noah uses the Cybertill RetailStore EPoS system to process transactions on the tills in-store, to manage product information including stock levels and imagery linking in real-time to its website, to centralise customer purchase history and information for its loyal and repeat customer base. The system also helps shop staff check stock on and off the shop floor to serve customers better. Since installing the Cybertill system, After Noah shop staff know what’s selling and what isn’t. They can make data-driven decisions using the advanced reporting the Cybertill system offers out-of-the-box.

“Over the years our needs have changed. We’ve grown our retail estate opening multiple After Noah shops and even a concession in Harvey Nichols, and the Cybertill system has been flexible enough to change with our needs over the years. We sell quite a lot online now and that’s growing too. I love the fact that there’s an integrated ability to manage our website directly from the same stock detail.”

Read more about how After Noah handle their busy periods with Cybertill’s RetailStore platform, download the full case study here.

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