Now, Cybertill customers can access over 30 Cybertill eLearning Courses with Certification options. Plus, charities will get the Gift Aid course for FREE!

  • Offer a Cybertill Software training plan to your entire staff
  • Onboard new-starters or re-train staff effectively
  • Ensure your staff are operating your Cybertill software to a high standard
  • Monthly unlimited access to the eLearning portal
  • Access to any new courses included!
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Full access to 30+ eLearning courses right away


In Store Processes

From basic all the way through to advanced till functionality, including step by step processes to maximise use of the till features and provide your operators with the knowledge they need to provide excellent customer service and efficiency.


Retail Best Practice

Courses developed using decades of retail training experience including optimum inventory management, information systems reporting and how to apply retail best practice to get the most out of your Cybertill system.


Return On Investment

Courses on how to improve the return on your investment and how to increase your profitability, such as increasing your average transaction value, through enhanced use of your system and improved working methods.

Access to essential Cybertill learning!

If you’re already a Cybertill customer you know that under the hood, Cybertill is a powerful system. You may have invested in one-on-one or group training with the Cybertill training team, and then had staff turnover that requires you to re-train staff – whether with Cybertill or internally. Now, with Cybertill’s eLearning service, pay a flat fee each month and get company-wide access to essential Cybertill learning!

You can use the Cybertill eLearning portal to help your entire business refresh their skills, and even use it for onboarding new starters. What’s more, Cybertill’s eLearning comes with Cybertill Certification! Each eLearning course comes with a test at the end and a certificate if they pass.

With the new eLearning service from Cybertill, you can be comfortable in the knowledge that your staff and/or volunteers are confident and are using Cybertill to it’s full potential to power great shopping experiences for your customers.

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