Cybertill’s RetailStore Customer Relationship Management (CRM) module gives your staff and systems real-time access to customer profiles including data from any sales channel. The CRM module is directly integrated into the full RetailStore platform EPoS and gives your staff and systems real-time access to customer profiles including data from any sales channel. The system can be easily configured with your internal processes or even integrate with your own CRM or clientelling system.

  • Create custom promotions for customer segments
  • Record or access customer data in-store, easy postcode lookup
  • Omnichannel customer transaction histories visible online, at the EPoS, or in the back office

The quest for the ‘single view of customer’

Even with online shopping on the rise, 90% of sales today still take place in physical stores. Customers still value the in-store experience, and interaction with shop staff is a big part of that. You need to make sure that your shop staff have everything they need in order to scale your personalisation efforts across all of your selling channels. In addition, you need to ensure that your online systems can draw from the rich customer experience data that your in-store advisers can provide.

Cybertill’s RetailStore CRM can give you:



Bridging online and offline

GDPR-compliant cross-channel sales CRM system, complete with marketing opt-in tools.



Configure custom fields unique to your CRM strategy such as shoe size or birthday.


Customer credit

Take deposits or part-payments by customer, or set credit limits at point of sale to assign to a customer account.


Inspire loyalty

Fully integrated with the RetailStore Loyalty module, create a single view of customer.


Omnichannel CRM

Data is accessible online, in-store, or from the back office. Different stores can access the same customer record and view transaction histories.



Easy import and export customer preferences, transaction histories and more to other systems via CSV or bespoke integration.

“With RetailStore we get live sales data across the entire estate. Head office can review the stores’ performance first thing every morning, knowing they have all the data and it is accurate and up to date.”

Frank Potts, IT Director, Musto

The CRM module is featured in the RetailStore platform. See for yourself, book a demo.

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