Live Webinar: Demo of EPoS & Loyalty

Thursday 27 June 2019, 10:00 BST

Sign up now for a live webinar demo of the RetailStore platform with a specific focus on the front-end EPoS till interface and the loyalty module.

In this webinar you will::

  • Learn the benefits of cloud-base EPoS and how it actually looks from the till through to the back office
  • Learn how the RetailStore loyalty module works and ask your questions live to a software specialist and see how the system works – with no obligation
  • How a fully-integrated EPoS with a centralised CRM and Loyalty app can help alleviate manual tasks and generate more revenue

By registering for this live webinar you will automatically be registered to receive the recording after the event. So, even if you may not be able to make it, sign up anyway!

Featured speakers


Daniel Higson, host
New Sales Advisor at Cybertill
Cybertill-certified software expert


Rachel Tonner, co-host
Head of Marketing at Cybertill
Retail industry and consumer loyalty researcher

Don’t miss out

This live web demo is just one in a series of bite-sized demos that our technical team delivers on a monthly basis. If you have any ideas about areas you’d like our team to cover, or any suggestions, please get in touch with the marketing team on Can’t wait until the live demo? Schedule your own personalised demo here.


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