Selling donated goods is the bread and butter for charity retail and relying on the kindness of people giving their pre-loved items to charities provides an element of the unknown. You won’t know what stock is coming in to what location, or when it will be donated, which is why it’s important to implement stock control on donated goods.

Having the ability to see what products sell best and where, lets you capture maximum revenue on your donated goods and controls which location you sell them through. With Cybertill’s CharityStore software this is all made easy.

Keeping tabs on donated goods

It may seem daunting but stock control on donated goods is crucial to charity retailers knowing what they have to sell and where they can sell it. It also lets you:


Full donor history

Donors who sign-up to Gift Aid will automatically be added to your database and provides you with full visibility of their donor activity.


Copy the high street

Let’s you adopt high street best practice by designing stores around supporter needs, including donation and buying patterns.


Analyse sales

Monitor each store on a one-, three- or six-monthly basis, depending on your needs and analyse the percentage of sales across each department and location to see how you can improve sales of donations.


Workshop tracking

Record labour, parts used and costs for work carried out on donated furniture and electricals, whilst allocating parts needed for the job from stock or order from suppliers.


Optimise profits in-store

You can maximise sales per foot in each shop, with vital stock information that you may not have previously had access to.


Right stock in the right place

Getting the right products to the right stores at the right time lets you optimise your prices for donated goods and improve the items sale potential.

“We have actually removed certain departments from some shops and increase shelving on others. One shop had bric-a-brac contribute to 42% of its sales, which surprised us. We increased shelving for bric-a-brac at that store, and fed all spare stock to it, and as a result its sales have increased by around 10%.”

Colin Wakefield, former Head of Retail, St Barnabas and Chestnut Tree Hospices 

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