Recording, automating all transactions and helping charities notify donors, the Standard Gift Aid function is incredibly easy to use. At the till point the volunteer simply chooses the correct hot shot on the screen (whether the item is gift aided or not) they then choose the category of the product and enter the price. Once this is done they scan the barcode of the donor ID and take payment.

Once a donor has agreed to Gift Aid on their donation, the platform automatically recognises them on future donations, no matter which store they visit, providing charity retailers with the ability to optimise fundraising earnings on donations.

Benefits of capturing Gift Aid through your EPoS


HMRC compliant

Cybertill’s Gift Aid module was developed with HMRC recommendations and guidelines.


Automated process

Records all transactions, notifies the donor and submits Gift Aid via the HMRC portal – easy!


It's quick!

Speeds up transaction process. All your volunteers need to do is scan a barcode and take the payment.


Donor cards

Provide your Gift Aid donors with their own supporter cards that links right into the EPoS software, letting you view all your donor activity.


Improves CRM

You can create a unique donor record on each donation, which lets you develop closer supporter relationships that encourage repeat donations and sales.


It's so easy!

Volunteers love how easy it is to use the Gift Aid function and it removes all that admin work that takes ages to complete!

“We managed to deploy Cybertill’s CharityStore retail management platform very quickly. Immediately after the initial roll out, we found that Gift Aid already increased by 12%. We’re very happy that we chose Cybertill.”

Roy Clark, Retail and Trading Director, Barnardo’s

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Create loyalty schemes you know your customers will love with Cybertill’s CharityStore fully configurable Loyalty module that can really help you make sense of your shopper and donor data, letting charities optimise loyalty programmes to deliver real value to supporters.
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