Making your promotions targeted and effective can be challenging for charity retailers, especially if you don’t use a real-time multi-channel platform to manage them. As a charity you need the ability to be proactive and respond to what is happening around you and your shops.

Cybertill’s CharityStore platform has a built-in promotional management suite that gives you a flexible and comprehensive set of discounting, bundling and incentive tools that can be used across any of your sales channels online and in-store, to drive sales and increase footfall to your shops.

Benefits of charities running promotions

Use promotions to drive sales and footfall in your shops and make more money for your charity.


Set promotion types

X% discount, £X discount, buy one get one free, any # for £X, buy A get B half price, spend over £X and get Y% off selected items and more.


Choose your date

Promotions can be set to only work within a specified date range and work across the entire business, or only apply to select shops or online.



Promotions can be set to apply in-store, or on a website, or both, to customer types (such as Retail, Staff and Trade).


Multi Type

Promotions can apply to a specific item, a list of handpicked items, or entire categories.


Make your own changes

Set a promotion up, use it and then simply change the date range to run it again with no need to repeat the task.


Pre-set promos

Pre-set your promotions to run on specific occasions, such as bank holidays, January sales and more.

“We can see during a morning how a shop is performing, due to the weather or the stock it has in, we can say that this afternoon or for the rest of the week we are going to run a promotion to drive sales up.”

Nick Farthing, Commercial Director, Hospice in the Weald

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