Building the liquor store of the future – Macadoodles and Guess Who

Located across Missouri and Arkansas, USA, the wine, beer and spirit merchants, Macadoodles® was founded in 1997 on the vision of Roger L. Gildehaus, a former Walmart retail executive, with the top priority of providing customers with the best shopping experience. This  brochure looks at how Macadoodles and Guess who, in partnership with Transparent Visibility and Cybertill has:

  • Installed real-time point of sale software which integrated online and in-store sales, promotions, inventory and more
  • Integrated point of sale with electronic shelf labels (ESLs)
  • Optimised the selling experience for store associates and greatly improved customer experience for shoppers

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“Cybertill has changed the way we do business, this system is much more than your typical liquor store POS!”

Store Manager, Macadoodles


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