Multi-store Charities

If you’re a charity retailer with more than one shop, you need to be able to see what’s going on in each store and online at any given time, without having to wait for an overnight poll. Imagine someone donated an amazing item but it doesn’t sell in the small village shop it was donated in. Well, with Cybertill you can see what sells best in every location, ensuring you get the maximum revenue for your donated goods.

Benefits of multi store retail

Single view of stock

View all stock in all locations, ensuring you have the right item in the right place, selling for the maximum price.

Online integration

Allows donated goods to be added to the EPoS system and visible on your ecommerce site, on eBay and Amazon – all in real-time.

Proactive promotions

Provides flexibility to roll-out promotions instantly and allocate varying promotions to different shops or sales channels.

Multi-channel for charity retail

Cybertill’s CharityStore software is a true multi-channel solution that makes it easy for charities to adapt to retail innovations and provide the flexibility needed to organise and sell donated stock and new goods, whilst capturing Gift Aid quickly and easily. CharityStore is the only retail EPoS system that can manage all stores, ecommerce, mail order and marketplaces, with real-time data and views of stock, sales, customers and donors.

CharityStore enables charity retailers to manage their entire estate, as well as sell and print lottery tickets via the till, right down to the last minute; set up events and sell tickets online and in-store, managing attendance levels, dates and times, all whilst capturing Gift Aid easily through the till or via a tablet. 

Cybertill supports charities of all sizes, and for larger businesses managing more complex retail operations, the warehousing and merchandising modules provides a seamless supply chain, automating processes and helping to increase sales.

Feature highlights 


Stock control on donated goods

EPoS and Gift Aid system that provides visibility of products being sold in-store, in what quantity and the price bracket, making it easier to manage donated stock.


Ecommerce and POS integration

Links in to your stores so you can see all your stock across your whole estate.


Event Manager

Increase store footfall by combining all your fundraising tickets and registrations through your EPoS system that can be sold in any store and online.


Loyalty and supporter cards

Ensuring that you capture Gift Aid from all donors who are signed-up, no matter where they donate.



Giving you the flexibility to roll-out promotions instantly, and allocate different promotions to different stores, across all sales channels.



Lottery EPoS module that links with a charity’s existing lottery and its provider and importantly automates the entire process of selling tickets in-store.


Mail order

Reduce mail order costs with processing transactions at any location across the business, whether at the till, sat in head office, over the phone at a support centre, or anywhere else a supporter can reach you.


Marketplace integration

With live integration into individual shops, warehouse and back office, charities can easily integrate items listed on eBay and Amazon, and still capture Gift Aid.


Gift Aid

Capture Gift Aid quickly and easily in all stores and donation centres, giving you that extra 25% towards your good cause.

“Getting one view of how all the stores are performing – what is coming in and going out helped us hugely with the overarching strategy for the charity’s retail operation.”

 Carol Tennet, Head of Retail, Headway

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