Fact Sheet: Retail Software for Liquor Stores

Cybertill’s retail software, RetailStore, serves liquor stores in the US and globally, who benefit from partnering with a PoS and retail management software provider that understands the liquor industry. Fast delivery, click and collect options, real-time stock levels by store, electronic shelf labels (ESLs), integrated ecommerce, personalised promotions. These conveniences are just the tip of the iceberg for liquor stores looking to capture the attention of the omnichannel consumer.

This brochure looks at how Cybertill’s platform RetailStore can make liquor retailing a breeze…

  • Centralised data for inventory, sales and customers, easy-to-use GUI
  • Easily link and process in-store and ecommerce orders
  • Identify what sells and what doesn’t – Don’t over stock. Increase cash flow and profits
  • Run promotions instantly and run reports in real-time
  • Sell products as singles or bundle with promotions – Perfect for event packs, or gift hampers
  • Facilitates scalability & add-on functions such as Electronic Shelf Labels (ESLs) to ensure consistent pricing and alleviate manual tasks



Retail management software for liquor stores

PoS Software

Process transactions in-store quickly using barcodes, or pre-populate quick keys for easy tap and go transactions.


Show real-time inventory levels on your website to drive customers to store. Personalise your website for your repeat customers.


Offer loyalty cards or programs, encourage repeat purchases, and upsell your customers with similar liquor offers.

Multi-Store Inventory

Transfer inventory between branches from the PoS, count inventory quickly and easily and see inventory levels in real-time across all sales channels.


See sales data in real time by location and manage permissions across the entire business.

Event Manager

Make your stores a tourist destination. Sell tickets to private events, such as wine tastings or special VIP events.

Purchase Order Processing

Manage even the most complex supply chain, pre-order from suppliers and manage it all from a single interface.


Sell wine or spirits as singles, or bundle as part of a promotion. Launch promotions across multiple stores instantly.


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