Project Management

Delivering a quick return on investment

Cybertill understands that implementing an EPoS system across your retail operation can be a strenuous task. There are so many factors that must be considered, including: 

  • Planning any initial infrastructure upgrades prior to roll-out
  • Organising in-store, back office and head office training
  • Integrating software packages
  • Pre-launch testing
  • Corrective action plans
  • Liaising with and managing multiple suppliers
  • And much more…

Dedicated Project Management team

That’s why Cybertill has a dedicated Project Management team, to take on these tasks and help you get up and running as soon as you can. The team have project managed hundreds of roll outs, from smaller scale projects to retailers with over 700 stores, and their experience ensures that every aspect of the project is considered and planned for.

From beginning to end: the stages of project management

Although there are many stages of implementation and deployment that differ from project to project, Cybertill’s Project Management service includes the following stages:


Project Management and the customer outline objectives and determine the level of resource and expertise required


Identify the different work streams across the project and assign the personnel to those mini-projects along with their responsibilities, timelines and objectives


Deployment stage, including, infrastructure, technical, software, installation of hardware and software, and training staff


On-going communication and updates throughout the project, including third parties, so all businesses are working to the same goals


Post project review process includes post project work monitoring the project and deployment after go live, and review the project success


Help plan and advise on other key projects that may impact upon the deployment of the software


Getting the most out of your EPoS

3 mins read Implementing an EPoS and retail management system for retailers of all sizes can be a daunting task, and takes precision management to get it right, especially with so many factors needing to be considered. That’s why Cybertill offer a dedicated Project Management Team to help you throughout the whole roll-out process.


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